We Specialize In Eliminating


Settling Your Credit Card

We understand that this is a very confusing and frustrating time. Our firm will hold your hand throughout the entire process. You can finally rest your head at night knowing you are working with a company that specialize in eliminating and settling UNSECURED DEBT.

The CCCL Difference

You work hard for your money and the lender’s aim is to keep you in the Crippling debt. Why not have someone on your side that can help you save money and put an end to the DEBT cycle. Our number one goal is our customer’s satisfaction and new debt-free you.

Our firm solely specializes and focuses to eliminate and settle your debt.


    We have been in the Credit Card Debt Relief business for over 10 years with a proven track record.


    Our Customer Service Department is always available to our clients, we put your first.


    Our company was founded by veterans of the debt settlement industry and our attorneys have negotiated millions of dollars of debt over the last 12 years.


    Experienced negotiators are serious about getting results and never employ clerks to negotiate on your behalf.

You are not alone

Credit Card Consolidation Loan will work to end the vicious DEBT cycle you may be in. We the experts know how to settle and eliminate your debt, here’s the way it works:

First you schedule a free consultation with an expert debt counselor. When then create a custom debt resolution program, once you start making the Low program payments each month, our negotiators will go to work to resolve your debt. Finally the debt is resolved on your end and you can continue life debt free!

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